Wading In Deeper

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing a (slight) change to this Blog!

Actually, it’s not that dramatic, but for me it kinda feels like it. I feel as if I have jumped into a deeper end of the pool, when really I am slowly wading in maybe waist-deep.

After a year blogging for free on WordPress I have purchased a plan which allows me to secure my chosen domain name. (Early in my blogging adventure, someone told me that it was important to lock in my own name. Not that people are knocking down my door to be me, but that it makes more sense to have my name as my blogging domain… or something like that.)

All that to say: I’ve done it. It feels so assertive and confident and it kind of makes me want to hide behind the couch now. So, anyway, this blog is no longer at barbarannekelly.wordpress.com, but:


Ta Da!

Apparently, WordPress will automatically redirect all traffic from the former address to this one. (Does anyone  still type out addresses anymore? It’s just click, click, click—right?)

Alrighty, that’s all. Return to your regular programming.

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