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Since September, I have been leading a Bible study on Peter, first meeting him in the gospels, and then several months spent going through 1 Peter, and now 2 Peter. Many of us also memorized the letter of 1 Peter as we studied. As the leader of the study I am compelled to do as... Continue Reading →

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Head over to enCourage to read a post I was blessed to share with them. And be sure to subscribe, or check in with them each Monday and Thursday for more encouraging posts from women of the PCA. I know I have been blessed by their writing and I trust you will too.

Bible Study Summaries

In September 2016 I was privileged to begin leading a Women's Bible study at my church on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We have been studying the books of Joshua and Ephesians. The material we are using comes from a PCA church in Glenside, Pennsylvania, New Life Presbyterian Church. Their women's ministry write studies for their... Continue Reading →


(Originally published 2/28/17) Last week I went with two women, Jana and Kathy, from our church to Atlanta to attend the Presbyterian Church in America’s Leadership Training conference for women in ministry (PCALT).  We flew together, leaving the San Antonio airport at 7 am on Thursday and returning at 6 pm on Saturday.  What happened in... Continue Reading →

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