Bible Study Summaries

In September 2016 I was privileged to begin leading a Women’s Bible study at my church on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We have been studying the books of Joshua and Ephesians. The material we are using comes from a PCA church in Glenside, Pennsylvania, New Life Presbyterian Church. Their women’s ministry write studies for their own use and make them available to others for free through their website.

There is no leader’s guide for these studies, so I am learning right along with the women in my classes.  I do have a number of commentaries that I use in order to better understand the material and find answers to the questions in the homework. Since I have been finding meaty quotes in these commentaries to support my answers, I began posting a summary of each lesson on my blog from the beginning. This not only gives the full text of the quotes to my ladies for them to read for themselves, it also keeps those women in the loop who were unable to make it to class due to illness, travel, or the myriad other reasons women must change their plans.

I must express my sincere gratitude for the women of New Life PCA for making these excellent studies available. Having taught a number of them over the years, I have seen the blessings of learning alongside women in my classes as we discover the depth and beauty of Scripture together. Their stated goal, “to help women meet Jesus through the study of God’s Word,” and their desire, “to see women grow in their faith—transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ,” is being fulfilled through the power of the Spirit right here in the heart of Texas.

If you would like to read through and see what I mean, our first lesson from September for the book of Joshua can be found here.

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