Migrating to WordPress

After many years learning to blog on another site, I’m ready to graduate from writing about every squirrel that runs through the yard to more focused topics. I am therefore beginning anew here at WordPress. Occasionally I will share some of the favorite posts from the good old days while leaving the simply “newsy” bits behind. The series of Bible study lesson summaries that I have been posting each week for the benefit of the women in my classes at church will be moved here entirely, posted in the order they were written, so that nothing of them is lost.

I pray that this change will be to the glory of God and not my own.  I am merely a fellow sojourner, pointing others to the excellencies of our Savior as we travel the Way together

One thought on “Migrating to WordPress

  1. I look forward to keeping up with all you post here! Gods blessing on your work as you redefine your style :-).


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